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I’m trying to learn for my Criminal Justice class and I’m stuck. Can you help?Be


I’m trying to learn for my Criminal Justice class and I’m stuck. Can you help?Be sure to use 12-point font size and 1” margins for your paper. A reference list is not required. Please look for specific length requirements within the description of each section. In this section, you are asked to provide a brief summary of the chapter readings and a minimum of 4 case briefs (see below for a listing of the assigned chapters and case briefings)1.1.COURT CASESCounty of Riverside v McLaughlin 500 U.S.444
Batson v Kentucky 479 U.S. 79
North Carolina v Alford 400 U.S. 25
Brady v Maryland 373 U.S. 83
Stogner v California 000 U.S. 01-1757
Ewing v California 000 U.S. 01-6978
Duncan v Louisiana 391 US 145
This is how the case should be formated1. CASE TITLE2. CITATION3. YEAR DECIDED4. FACTS5. ISSUE OR ISSUES6. COURT DECISION7. HOLDING8. PERSOANL THOUGHTSYou may also locate these cases through independent research from public domain websites. Following is a list of websites/search engines that I suggest:FindLaw: I have found the FindLaw site to be the best, but I have had students who prefer one of the other three. Once you locate the FindLaw site, you may locate cases by doing a citation search, ex. “500 US 1,” or a party name search, ex. “Miranda.” The party name search is normally the best method.
U.S. Supreme Court: Website of the United States Supreme Court; contains various facts, figures and data related to cases argued before the court.
Cornell University Law School: Cornell University Law School’s website; dedicated to the profession and rich in legal resources.
Google: Some opinions may be located through a simple Google search.
Requirements: no specific length