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I’m trying to study for my Art course and I need some help to understand this qu


I’m trying to study for my Art course and I need some help to understand this question.How Art Made the World – More Human than Human – Assignment: DUE TONIGHT 11:30 Please answer the following questions based on the BBC How Art Made the World, More Human than Human:LINK FOR VIDEO IS ATTACHED >>>>>>>>>>> 4” high Venus of Willendorf which was made by some of our nomadic ancestors, is more than just an important archaeological find – How is the Venus of Willendorf our first clue as to why our contemporary world is dominated by unrealistic images of the body?2. What happens to the old instinct to exaggerate when we meet settled civilization?” Why there was no change in the unrealistic representation of the body in Egyptian society for 3,000 years.?3. Dr Nigel Spivey uses various examples of how artistic distortions of the human body reflect specific cultural values. According to this theory, what do the characteristics of Greek art show us about the cultural ideals of their civilization?4. According to Spivey, why is the masterful depiction of a realistic human figure (such as the Kritios Boy) ultimately not good enough for the Greek artists? And how does Polykleitos solve the problem?5. The fact is people rarely create images of the body that are realistic. What’s going on? Why is our world so dominated by images of the body that are so unrealistic?
Requirements: answer questions   |   .doc file