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I’m working on a education & teaching presentation and need an explanation to he


I’m working on a education & teaching presentation and need an explanation to help me understand better.- Developing a Behavioral Matrix- QUESTION- Design and define the Behavioral Matrix, and examine it’s importance in a school in managing students with behavioral issues as a PBSS Strategy.- Remember to create/design a behavioral Matrix Chart of a school(I will change to my school’s name)- Then use the chart to explain how it could be used in that particular school to support students with behavior issues (You can include the name of any school, and i will change it to my school’s name).- Below are some guiding questions to help with the question.Introduction- Include a comprehensive introduction to set the stage for what follows in the body of the document. – Describe the purpose of a Behavior Matrix and when you would utilize one in your classroom. Also discuss the importance of collaboration of key stakeholders regarding the Behavior Matrix.- Design a Behavior Matrix in relation to your school. – Examine the benefits and challenges of implementing a Behavior Matrix in your classroom.ConclusionAs expected of all graduate-level APA documents, it is appropriate to address conclusions drawn from the experience of considering these topics.ReferencesAt the graduate level, all documents should include appropriate in-text citations and references to support the relationship between research and application. These reference entries belong at the end of the document in appropriate APA format.Please read the Assignment Guidelines (Links to an external site.) before you begin working.***Note.- In Text citations in APA Format- Times New Roman, with font size 12, and double line spacing.- Reference should be in a hanging mode.
Requirements: 6 Pages excluding the Reference Page.