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I’m working on a Humanities question and need guidance to help me study.Hello ,i


I’m working on a Humanities question and need guidance to help me study.Hello ,i have some work to do , I explained everything below . Discussion Forum Purpose: The purpose of this culture discussion forum is to help you understand that there are complexities surrounding culture. To say that there is only one culture in America is false. You can see at times that subcultures can clash with the larger broader American culture (however you want to define American culture). When discussing this with your classmates you will see that you may be a part of a subculture and not even know it. And, you could be in conflict even, with the broader larger American society.Ethnocentrism is when you think that your culture is superior or better than another culture. That is, you think how to behave, your language, your foods, music, greetings, or even clothes are better. It can also mean deeper social factors. For example, you may think that your government or religion is superior to another culture’s government or religion.Folkways and Mores (more-rays) are degrees of seriousness for cultural behaviors. Folkways are cultural standards that may NOT be viewed as that serious or NOT vital to human behavior. For example, it is a folkway to say “thank you” when someone holds the door for you in American culture. Mores are more serious. For example, it is a cultural standard to NOT steal or murder someone to consider some extremes here with mores.Instructions: Answer ALL questions below, please number them in your answer for clarity. Discussion questions for Culture. 1) Discuss/explain your understanding of Ethnocentrism.2) Discuss how ethnocentrism may/can be problematic in society. Simply, what possible problems can ethnocentrism produce in society, and why?3) Discuss how ethnocentrism can impact how we look at another culture’s mores and folkways. Please provide specific examples. Instructions: Respond using concepts found in chapter 2. ***Look at the Grading Rubric for scoring details. Click on the little box with dots on it (upper right hand corner) to display rubric, click on SHOW RUBRIC***Discussion Rubric (1) (1)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDemonstrates knowledge & understanding of content3 ptsExcellent (posts were well developed & questions addressed)2 ptsSatisfactory (Posts were developed & questions addressed)1 ptsUnsatisfactory (Posts were made but did not address question asked)0 ptsDid not post (No posts. No knowledge & understanding of content.3 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeEngagement of Discussion3 ptsExcellent (Responded to classmate posts with follow up questions probing more discussion & creativity)2 ptsSatisfactory (Responded to classmate posts with follow up questions)1 ptsUnsatisfactory (Responded to classmate posts with no follow up questions)0 ptsDid not post (No posts. Did not engage)3 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQuantity of Responses/replies3 ptsExcellent (Responded to ALL Discussion questions and 2 participant responses)2 ptsSatisfactory (Responded to 1 discussion question and 1 participation response)1 ptsUnsatisfactory (Responded to 1 discussion or 1 participation response)0 ptsDid not post (No posts were made)3 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeClarity1 ptsExcellent (Responses were clear, understandable and free of grammatical errors)0.5 ptsSatisfactory (Responses were clear with 1 to 3 grammatical errors)0 ptsDid not post (No posts were made)0 ptsUnsatisfactory (Response(s) unclear and not understandable)1 pts
Requirements: 3-4 sentence