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I’m working on a management case study and need a sample draft to help me unders


I’m working on a management case study and need a sample draft to help me understand better.Please write 1-2 page answer to the following questions about Zara’s core competency, and submit your answer as a word document attachment. Please also post on the discussion forum #3 by Jan 31, Sun, to discuss your answer with the class.Please read the opening case of Zara in Chapter 3, and use value chain analysis to identify Zara’s core competency. Please answer the following questions in your analysis:Which value chain activities (marketing, logistics, design, human resource management, etc.) make Zara competitive compared with major rivals in the industry segment? What resources (tangible and intangible) and capabilities does Zara have that are valuable, rare, non-imitable, and non-substitutable? How sustainable is Zara’s core competency? Or, how long/how easy does it take for Zara’s competitors to duplicate or substitute Zara’s resources and capabilities? (Hint: intangible resources are harder to duplicate than tangible resources such as factories.) Also, pay attention that strength and weakness are defined as “relative to competitors”. So try to compare Zara with its major competitors for each value chain activity.There is a supplementary reading from New York Times and a video posted in this folder, but they are not required to complete the assignmentvideo: 100000001895335/spains-inditex-spins-gold.html”>…zara case will be attached as a pdf document
Requirements: 2 pages