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I’m working on a Nursing question and need guidance to help me study.Instruction

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I’m working on a Nursing question and need guidance to help me study.InstructionsDirections: Perform a literature search related to the vulnerable population and the identified health risk and educational need that you identified for your teaching project in your previous class (Teaching
Plan for Diabetes Management in Brooklyn, NY). You should use the academic library that you have access to. Performing a “Google” search is not acceptable for this assignment. Submit an annotated bibliography of your literature search (at least 5 scholarly articles from peer review journals). These should be sources that you will be using for your final project report in Week 8. It is recommended that you try to find articles that are less than 5 years old.Describe your search strategy including the databases that were used, key search words, your strategy for narrowing or expanding the search to eventually find the articles you included in your bibliography. Remember, APA guidelines require that it be double-spaced.Remember, an annotated bibliography should be a clear and concise summary of the main points or findings of the study. It is not meant to be a discussion about how you plan to use this article in your paper or your teaching project.
Requirements: 4-5 pages, double space