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I’m working on a Writing exercise and need support.The assignment is for field e


I’m working on a Writing exercise and need support.The assignment is for field experience with an agency that offers support to senior citizens that are on hospice. Please keep that in mind when you answer questions,the agency is something up base on what you would do as a human service student, most of the staff is working from home and I will be doing mostly intake)use your imagination and make realistic. pretend that you are doing the field experience. PLEASE COMPLETE EACH 5 QUESTION IN 175 WORDS EACH. NO NEED FOR AP FORMATE1 This week we are looking at the differences between enabling and empowering. Give an example of a time in your life when someone enabled you. This might just be in completing homework or something not related to what we often think of enabling, like with addictions. How did the enabling affect you? Now tell of a time when someone empowered you. Again, this might be about a relationship or schoolwork. So how will you carry these ideas into work with your clients? Do we ever rightly enable them? Should we always only empower them, and what would this mean in the setting of your internship, or in your work setting?2 The theme this week is program evaluation. Please explain what that is, in simple terms, so that if your friend asks you, why are you evaluating your program, you could explain it so others would understand.What is an evaluation? How do we do it? Why do we do it? Can anyone give any examples?If you are grant funded, sometimes there is a stipulation to evaluate the program formally, and an evaluation can cost 100 thousand dollars or more on large programs like a teen pregnancy program.3 In this week we are looking at how we sometimes do research at our agencies. Research often starts with a question, like how many people are getting well? How much better are they after 6 weeks? How long or short does the program have to be to work for the clients? How is client satisfaction?Then we might use a scientific method type experimental format, or we might use a survey to get answers.What sorts of issues in your workplace might be researchable? If you can’t get enough face time hours at the internship site, you might ask me if you can write up a researchable item, using references and some literature search on the issue4. In your agency, who decides what services any client needs? How is a client taken in to your services, and how are services provided? For instance, some agencies have an intake worker who looks over the issues and gives various professionals the clients. What is done where you work, and it is effective?How would you know if this is effective?5. I would like to encourage a discussion with many facets, like a diamond perhaps. Answer one or some of these with ideas and references:what is “ethics”?
is “ethics” the same as laws?
who judges ethical and unethical behavior for YOUR job or position?
what are some kinds of ethics?
what is virtue ethics, for an example?
what other types of ethics are there?
provide some resources if you can
Requirements:   |   .doc file | Discussion | 1 pages, Single spaced