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Paper Template is provided. Reference/article provided. In addition please provi


Paper Template is provided. Reference/article provided. In addition please provide 2 of your own (within 5 years). In text citation is a MUST. Paper Rubric attached. ***Policy to discuss: New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act (N.J.S.A 24:61-1 et seq) Submit a 2- to 4-page paper utilizing the selected above policy, analyzing the impact of financing and budgetary issues. In addition to this week’s Resources, perform an informal literature search on the funding of your policy. Include at least two articles that discuss cost-effectiveness and cost controls pertaining to either your policy or nursing practices in general. Use these resources to respond to the following prompts: Describe how the policy is funded and annual costs of continuing the policy for the last year. Analyze any financial and budgetary efforts developed or being proposed to contain costs. Relate current cost-containment strategies, including regulations, managed care efforts, or other financial and budgetary initiatives. Describe how the financing of your policy impacts health outcomes and the role of the nurse in the workplace. Support your responses with evidence. *In addition to the course resources, you must use at least two articles that discuss cost effectiveness and cost controls.