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Review the objectives of the course and discuss how you met the objectives. Incl

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Review the objectives of the course and discuss how you met the objectives. Include specific assignments that assisted in your learning and how. Write 1-2 pages.
1. Summarize health care costs and the need for cost-effective practices and the policies that drive them. (4)
2. Identify the language of legislation and the specific rules that are developed to govern policy. (4)
3. Demonstrate knowledge of the policymaking process of health policy in the United States and in other countries. (4)
4. Appraise the impact of economics and societal values on decision-making and policy development in the US and other countries. (4)
5. Recognize the political processes at the state and national and international level. (4)
6. Explain the role of nurses and nursing organizations in influencing political decision-making and policy development. (3)
7. Analyze the interaction of social, political, and economic forces in shaping health policies (4)
8. Appreciate ethical dilemmas and decision-making within a health care delivery system. (4, 5)
9. Prepare strategies to engage effectively in the public policymaking process as a professional expectation. (5,
10. Examine the influence of public policy on the organization, delivery, and financing of healthcare services. (4)
as for specific assignments you can talk about #1(interesting to see how costs of health care is so much higher than other countries), and #3 (as I had no idea on how bills were submitted and processed); This was achieved by reading reliable resources and articles etc…(Our book that we used is Nickitas, D., Middaugh, D., & Feeg, V. (2020). Policy and politics for nurses and other health professionals:
Advocacy and action ((3rd ed). Jones & Bartlett.)