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Select a health care product or service of interest to you. For instance, you m


Select a health care product or service of interest to you. For instance, you may choose an over-the-counter medication, medical device, or service offered by a healthcare organization.
Analyze your selected example in terms of concepts related to product strategy, including the product life cycle and branding; price; distribution; and promotion. What is the connection between these aspects of marketing and strategic planning? Why is it important for these elements of marketing efforts to be tied to a strategic plan?
Explain the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) of marketing with regards to your product or service.
Do research and find out more information about the organization offering the product or service.
Consider who the target market might be. What could you surmise about the organization’s strategic priorities?
Discuss the four stages in a product’s life cycle. What stage is this product’s life cycle?
Analyze the effectiveness of the promotional strategies pertaining to your chosen product, or service. Did the organization use the rational, emotional, or social appeal to promote the product or service?
Is the product or service advertised in the internet? How can the organization track whether advertising is the internet is successful? What metrics can be used?
How can the organization offering the selected product or service ensure customer loyalty?
What is a customer recovery system? If for some reason, the product or service you chose is defective, does not perform as advertised, or caused injury to the patient, what can the organization do?
Answer the questions and write a minimum 3-5 page report. Be sure to support your work with specific citations. Aside from your textbook, you must use journal(s) or news article(s) to further explain the concepts and how they apply to the product/service you have selected.