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Create an illustrated plot diagram showing the progress and decline of Canadian


Create an illustrated plot diagram showing the progress and decline of Canadian immigration policies over the past 150 years.
Immigration: the process of people establishing homes, and often citizenship, in a country that is not their native country.
Immigration policy sets the procedures for evaluating immigrants and says how many people are allowed into Canada year after year.
“Immigration has largely defined what Canada is today and has been a sustaining feature of Canada’s history. Waves of immigration have built and transformed the population while making significant contributions to the development of our economy, our society and our culture. “- Issues for Canadians
Your task is to research the immigration developments of the last 150 years and decide if each development is an improvement in the way our country treated potential immigrants (progress) or if the policy is a setback that was perhaps rooted in prejudice and discrimination (decline).
Once you have arrived at your conclusions, present your information in the form of an illustrated “progress and decline” timeline. Upon completion, your timeline will resemble a stock market line graph with “ups” and “downs”. The policy you deem to be the most inclusive of differences will be the highest peak on the poster and the one you feel our country should be the least proud of will be your lowest peak.
Choose seven significant events from the section readings starting with the Immigration Act of 1869. You will need 3-5 point form notes for each event.
In addition, select three of the following historical events in Canada’s immigration history and research 3-5 significant points about each event. These will become a part of your timeline.
Komagatu Maru 1914
“Becoming a Public Charge” deportations 1930
Post WWII Japanese policies 1940’s
Hungarian refugees 1956
American draft dodgers and deserters 1971
Lebanese Special Measures 1976
Kosovar refugees 1992
Once you have conducted your research, rank the events in history from Canada’s “highest point” to Canada’s “lowest point”.
Plot your events in a timeline. Use this word document as a template or as an example to create the timeline on a large sheet of poster paper. Notice that:
-the image is used to show the level of decline or progress of racism by this event.
– when inserting an image from online, make sure to change the layout options so you can move it around freely.
-Each image is numbered from 1-10. (#1) will be the highest peak on your timeline and the event which holds the lowest rank (#10) will be the lowest peak
-The oldest event will be near the left hand side of the page and the most recent event will be near the right hand side of the page.
-Under each point, write your 3-5 notes or researched facts.
-Create a bold, creative title.
This will be marked out of 20 according to the rubric below.
This assignment adapted from “Ups and Downs of Immigration” by Chris Spruyt and Zlata Kunze from