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Help me study for my Management class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.Prepare a


Help me study for my Management class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.Prepare a lecture for an introductory health care finance class on types of revenue sources for health care organizations. For each revenue source, explain the purpose of the program, how the organization is reimbursed, and the benefits of the program.undefinedFor the purpose of this assessment, suppose you work for a large health care organization that partners with the local college on a number of initiatives. As a part of that partnership, you have been asked to be a guest presenter for an introductory health care finance class. You need to explain sources of health care revenue and how the reimbursement process works. You need to prepare a 45-minute lecture on that topic.undefinedThere is no prescribed format for this assessment, but you must reference at least three resources and Follow the APA 7TH guidelines. Just be sure that your assessment is organized logically, and your information is presented clearly.undefinedRequirementsundefinedWrite a 45-minute lecture plan for an introductory health care finance class. (You will not be evaluated on whether your lecture plan is actually 45 minutes in length.) The three types of revenue sources you will cover are the following:undefined Medicaid.
Managed Care.
undefinedFor each of the revenue sources, you must do the following:undefined Explain the purpose of the program.
Analyze the process of reimbursement for health care organizations.
undefined What steps must be taken in order to receive reimbursement for services?
How complicated is each step?
What kind of information is required from the organization?
How long does it take to receive reimbursement?
Explain the benefits of the program for both patients and health care organizations.
undefinedThe length of this assessment will vary depending on the format you use. If your completed assessment is longer than eight pages, you may need to be more concise in your writing. If you have only two pages, you have probably not fully addressed all elements of the assessment.undefinedPlease include a title page and reference page, even though you would not include those in real life.undefinedAdditional Requirementsundefined Include a title page and reference page.
Number of pages: Roughly 4–7.
At least three current scholarly or professional resources.
APA format for in-text citations and references only.
Times New Roman font, 12 point.
Requirements: 4-5 pages