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Help me study for my Writing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.Reply to all

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Help me study for my Writing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.Reply to all paragraphs/post in 2-3 Sentences each. SEE-I Discussion 1 Steven Post The most important concept in chapter 1 is to understand the benefits that public speaking has. Chapter one starts off by thoroughly explaining to the readers all the different benefits that public speaking has personally, professionally, and publicly. We learn and realize that public speaking isn’t just something that is done at school or at work. There are times that you will have to public speak in your personal life like at a wedding or a funeral or at a special occasion with family and friends. Nowadays people believe that 70% of jobs require some kind of public speaking and that the being able to communicate well with other people is important. The more you learn about public speaking the more you will be able to understand speeches that you hear and it will allow you to participate in democracy at a basic level. For example when I was younger I had to attend a wedding for my Uncle and Aunt. I was around 12 at the time and they had asked me to give a speech for them. Though I had written down the speech in advance it was still nerve wracking for me to be so young and give a speech in front of so many people at such an important occasion. If I were to do this today I think that it would go a little bit better and that I would stutter way less. This goes to prove that you can public speak at any moment or event in your life so learning the basics is very beneficial. To me public speaking is kind of like working out. Both can be difficult at first but the more you continue and practice the easier and more beneficial it becomes. Shaquille Post The most important concept in chapter 1 is communicating through public speaking with precise organization which allows the audience to stay engaged with minimal confusion. In other words, the importance of having effective organization is going to determine whether the audience is listening. This reduces the risk of the audience not being able to interpret or understand the information that is being given. Precise organization allows the listeners to comprehend the meaning of the speech that the speaker is trying to convey. The purpose of any speech is to make sure the audience can follow along completely. If the speech is long the more complex it is and the easier it is to lose your audience. The best way to guarantee that a speech has a good turn out is through public speaking with precise organization. For example, having an outline is probably the most useful organizational skill to have. This helps the speaker talk about key points and subjects they need to remember. Using this method keeps the speaker actively engaged with the audience, while using a more comfortable body language. An outline is just overall effective, because you have somewhere to start whether it is a formal or informal speech. Having good organizational skills helps with a concrete speech. Its like a coach giving a play to his players as organized as possible when practicing, or the players wouldn’t know what to do when it comes to game night. Peter Post The most important concept in Chapter 1 is the concept of improving your speaking skills and understanding of humans different types and abilities to communicate. In other words chapter one introduces us to many types of benefits of different roles on public speaking, communication and language. These different roles on public speaking can be personal, public or professional but they all have a key role on how us humans have the ability to communicate with each other through different ways. Practicing and imporving your (public) speaking skills is a huge benefit for yourself, professional life and your own community. Taking reference to the linar model of communication we can see that there are three main parts, the sender, the channel and the reciever. Each person takes a different role on how these communication procceses occur, ultimately creating the linear model of communication. This is an ongoing process, thus we are always affecting and affected by the communications we have on a daily basis throughout the whole day. When we send out a message many factors can come into play such as who is the communicator, the worldviews of the sender, the reciever and even where the message comes from. For example the 1960 televised presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. They are both different senders giving out a message which each person (reciever) takes in the message diffrently depending on their worldviews and what form of channel they are using, as a television, computer, radio, in a private setting or a public setting. While one might have a bigger impact on the screen because of how he presents himself adapting with body language to the audience he has infornt of him the other might have a bigger impact on the radio because of his words and how he has well supported ideas with clear and vidid language. We all have different worldviews making a singular message be interpreted by many different ways on how individuals might think or see a certain things, such as the ability to access the internet or having to watch the news with nothing else to acquire knowledge. Being able to conscruct an effective message with powerful communication skills and being able to adjust to your environment is a very important factor for all components of speech. The skills to communicate effectively is what differs us from the rest. William Post The most important concept in Chapter 1 is the ability to clearly organize a speech. In other words, this means being able to coherently present the main points of an argument while speaking. With this said, it is important for a speaker to meticulously cover each point in a speech without overlapping. Furthermore, the speaker should utilize transitional phrases in between points in order to emphasize the digression of ideas and help the speech flow. In addition, it is important to always keep the body of a speech connected and relevant to the thesis. This step is crucial as the thesis must be addressed in order for the essay to stay on topic. An example of excellent organization can be seen in “Ich bin ein Berliner”, a famous speech by John F. Kennedy. Here, Kennedy methodically speaks about a topic, covers it thoroughly, then moves on. In the beginning of the speech, JFK speaks about West Berlin’s strength during the troubling times of the Berlin Blockade. He then warns his audience of the threat that communism and the Soviets pose to their lives. JFK then ends the speech by pledging that he is proud to be a “Berliner” as they have shown strength in keeping their freedom even when the Soviets attempted to take over Berlin. In this speech, JFK clearly speaks about each subject in depth before moving onto his other points without having to return later to elaborate on what he said previously. Being able to clearly organize a speech ties into a speaker’s ability to close a speech in its conclusion. Similar to the steps of organizing ideas, in order to make sure that a speech does not end abruptly, a speaker should clearly present each thought in reference to their thesis. Meet and Greet – Discussion 1 Aastha Post Hello Classmates! My name is Aastha; however, everyone calls me Tanya. I currently work full time at a medical logistics company managing cold storage supply chain activities. I have decided to go back to school to expand my knowledge on supply chain management, and it can get pretty stressful managing a full time job and going to school. I try to keep this under control by only taking one class at a time. This semester, however, I’m aiming on getting into a Math 10 Stats class and take it along side with this stress management class. I want to try to take both to finish up my GEs quicker for transfer, because how stressful could a stress management class be? I am hoping that this class can help me better manage my time and properly manage the stress levels also. This class also happens to fulfill one of my GE requirements, so I am glad to get the most out of this class. I am looking forward to learning new skills and techniques to better manage my stress! Andrew Post 1. Hello, my name is Andrew. 2. Stress plays a big role in my life as a current college student. With the recent outbreaks of COVID 19, it has not been easy for me to do my usual activities that I like to use to handle stressful things going on in my life. For the most part though, I feel like I have a good control over it at the moment. Some things that I like to do sometimes to manage my stress includes getting exercise by playing basketball, or going to the gym and lifting weights. I also really enjoy playing video games, although if it’s a competitive game, it can have some stressful factors that proves to not always be the best stress reliever. I also enjoy just simply reconnecting with my friends just to talk once or twice a week, but it can be pretty difficult to do so right now with COVID protocols going on at the moment. 3. What I hope to get out of this class is some possible better strategies to maintain a lot of the stress that pops up into my life. Sometimes it becomes hard to juggle a lot of things at once, and I admit that I am not the best when it comes to managing how many things I can and cannot handle. Working basically full time hours at my job has not made school any easier for me, but at the moment I have no choice. Sometimes I also don’t have time to do all of the de-stressing activities that I listed in the previous paragraph, so finding out some new strategies and techniques could prove to be very beneficial for me by being in this class. . Requirements:   |   .doc file | Discussion | 2 pages, Double spaced