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I need an explanation for this Business question to help me study.Interpreting a


I need an explanation for this Business question to help me study.Interpreting and understanding financial data is only the first step in the financial analysis process. Data gives you a factual place to start in order to uncover opportunities and liabilities within a business and begin making decisions to resolve business issues. As you complete this assignment, think about the factors that would influence business results in spring and fall business cycles at ABC Company.Instructions:Click here to review two simple, consecutive P&L Statements for ABC Company. These statements provide financial data for designated time periods in the calendar year and provide the ability to review the information businesses use to perform a financial analysis.
Compare the statement for January 1 – June 30 with the statement for July 1 – December 31 and identify what factors influenced the variance in net profit before taxes between the two periods.
Choose four of these factors and deduce a likely cause for the change in each factor. Justify your deductions.
Summarize your analysis of the P&L statements and the factors that influenced ABC Company’s business results. Include actual numbers from the statements to support your analysis.
Compose your answers with a minimum of one paragraph per question (minimum of 5 paragraphs total).
Research and use at least one outside source to support your conclusions (not one of this week’s readings or videos). You must give appropriate credit to the source of the material.
Requirements: Minimum 5 paragraphs