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I need an explanation for this Literature question to help me study.PSYCHOANALYS

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I need an explanation for this Literature question to help me study.PSYCHOANALYSIS AND APPROACHES TO LITERATUREAssignment GuidelinesLength: Your essay should be around 1500-2000 words (6-8 pages), exclusive of title page and Works Cited.Format: It should be double spaced and in Times New Roman Font 12, and references should be formatted according to MLA guidelines.General Requirements: The essay should make reference to at least 3 sources:1.Your Primary Source, or aesthetic object (novel or movie), that you are analyzing2.One Secondary Source or critical text from Course Material.3.One Secondary Source or critical text from your own research. This secondary source can be a critical essay focused on your chosen Primary Source, whose interpretation you find appealing, or it can be a theoretical text that elucidates some crucial psychoanalytic concepts and is useful to your interpretation of the Primary Source. It is important that such secondary source have peer review credentials.Question 1:1) Shoshana Felman and Teresa De Lauretis offer two different feminist approaches to Freudian thought, each in its own way highlighting both the gendered limitations of Freud and at the same time showcasing the ongoing usefulness to feminism of psychoanalytical concepts and methods. Compare and contrast Felman and De Lauretis’ feminist approaches to Freud taking care to highlight how psychoanalysis might be useful to feminism and how feminism can modify some of psychoanalysis’s governing assumptions. Important:1) Please make sure everything used is properly citied in MLA Format and make sure to add a MLA format reference list at the end.2) Please follow the source instructions correctly. The essay requires 3 sources, the third source must be a peer reviewed source or essay that directly relates to the primary source. I have attached material you must use to write the essay in addition to this outside source.3) Makes sure the word count is met (1500-2000 words)I have attached the assignment guidelines as well as the material needed to answer this essay question. Requirements: 1500-2000 words   |   .doc file