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I’m studying for my History class and need an explanation.Question: The introduc


I’m studying for my History class and need an explanation.Question: The introduction of the new agricultural tools transformed the economies of the Western European kingdoms in the 11th Century. This stability ventured beyond the economy to impact politics as well. Strong, centralized kingdoms rose as a result. Where did strong and centralized monarchies succeed and where did they fail? Use the examples of England and the Holy Roman Empire as a case for your comparison. Use your notes in LECTURE 3 ONLY to formulate your response. ( I posted three lecture here) Read the question carefully. The lecture that you will be using to formulate your response has different components. I am not looking for you to summarize the entire lecture. Instead, focus on the topic that I have asked you to analyze. Your response should comprise at least 6 to 8 pages, typed in font 12 and double-spaced. I prefer that you use the contents of the lecture in answering the question. However, should you use outside sources, YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES. In the event that you fail to cite your sources, I will consider your work plagiarized. Requirements: indeep help   |   .doc file