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I’m trying to learn for my English class and I’m stuck. Can you help?OBJECTIVE:


I’m trying to learn for my English class and I’m stuck. Can you help?OBJECTIVE: Brainstorm the critique paragraphs of Major Assignment #1: Summary & Critique ARTICLE: “The Effect of Bilingualism on Writing Ability” Spend some time looking at the various categories of critique on the handout “Guidelines for Critiquing Scholarly Articles.” Keeping in mind that analysis (an examination of parts in order to make better sense of the whole) and critique (careful and thoughtful judgement based on analysis) go hand-in-hand: Select one aspect/area of critique on which to focus; a good albeit simplistic place to start is to answer the folowig question about that particular aspect/area that you’ve selected: “Did the author effectively accomplish XYZ thing (Y/N), why or why not?”
Create a claim–what will you “prove” or persuade the audience to believe in your critique. Remember: Be laser focused! Make a list of possible examples from the article “The Effect of Bilingualism on Writing Ability” that you could analyze (over estimate here, shoot for 3-5 examples). Once you have your list, create a list of “reasons” beneath each example that explain how that particular example supports your claim. SUBMISSION: You may either insert photo of your handwritten work or copy and paste your work from a document into the discussion box. To insert a photo, click INSERT above and then select either IMAGE (make sure you can see the image v. having to click on a link to see an image). Requirements: one page