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I’m trying to study for my History course and I need some help to understand thi


I’m trying to study for my History course and I need some help to understand this question.Questions for AnalysisAssess the combinations of privilege and punishment conveyed by these images. What kinds of assistance or special privileges did leaders grant, to whom did they offer this assistance, and what kinds of punishment did they impose?
Describe the original context for these images. Who might have created these images, for whom, and who might have seen them?
Interpret the role religion plays in these images. How does the artist present the relationship between religion and social order?
Explain how Berruguete’s use of the past alters the relationship between royal authorities and traditional elites presented in the first painting, compared to the relationship between rulers and elites shown or implied by the other two images.
Full credit for each week consists of two (2) parts – the direct response to the questions, and the challenge or agreement to one other student’s answer, explaining why. The total word count for both parts must be a minimum of 300 words.Keep in mind that your discussion forum postings will likely be seen by other members of the course. Care should be taken when determining what to post.
Requirements: 300+ response for two difference student in the discussions