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I’m working on a art project and need support to help me understand better.I exp


I’m working on a art project and need support to help me understand better.I expect full Mark this assignment1. Write a short description of about 300 – 400 words that describes any Renaissance painting you choose. Include some of the concepts and terminology used in your textbook reading (such as “oil on canvas,” or “fresco.”) Also, include an image of the painting you’re describing. I do it this way:- Find image on Google images or another search engine- Right click and “Save image as”- Save it on my drive- Write my essay . . . then place the cursor where you want the image and Insert, Picture- You can size the image, right click to wrap text (or place text below the image)Following are several resources that will help you in the project.- Your textbook page 65 (especially the outline along the left side)- The last slide of the Renaissance slide presentation (it’s only 160 words and focuses solely on composition)The following YouTube video is a good helper for this assignmentHow to Write an A+ Essay on Art in Four Steps (Links to an external site.)2. Write a short paragraph of about 100 words that describes either your feelings about the painting, or what the painting makes you think about. Great art should move us either emotionally or intellectually. Or both!How I grade this assignment:- You complete the assignment on time, it meets the word number requirement- You follow the instructions (such as image, inclusion of concepts and/or terminology)- You proofread your work- Your response is thoughtful- The above will get you an “A”
Requirements: 350-400 words