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I’m working on a Biology question and need guidance to help me study.Hello, I wo


I’m working on a Biology question and need guidance to help me study.Hello, I would like from you to answer the below questions as carful as you can and make sure to go over the slide lecture that I attached for you to help you solve these questions. if you don’t have a good background about Recombinant DNA then please do not bet on the question.1. (6pts) With as much detail as you think is important (how many people, how long, etc), design an experiment to test the hypothesis: The longer a person stands in the sun, the more freckles will appear on their skin the next day. 2. (2pts) What would be a proper control condition for the experiment detailed above? Is this a negative or positive control?3. (4pts) For the following conditions for our CRISPR experiment, what are at least two questions that can be answered by the following treatment conditions? Are any of these controls? If so, what kind?4. (4pts) Briefly describe the difference between a biological and technical replicate. If for example, in our CRISPR experiment, I pick 10 yeast colonies that are red and send them to be sequenced, are these biological or technical replicates? Why?5. (3pts) You want to learn more about the regulation of a gene called leu3 in yeast, and you use bioinformatics to determine there is the following promoter sequence that is recognized by transcription factors.5’ – CCGGGACCGG – 3’You want a few more specifics, so you use a program to tell you more about the consensus sequence within this, shown below. Based on this, if you wanted to mutate the promoter to reduce the levels of transcription for this gene, which of the following options would you choose? Briefly explain why. 1) Change the C in the first position to a G2) Change the C in the second position to an A3) Change the G in the fifth position to a T4) Change the A in the sixth position to T6. (3pts) Use the following portion of the alignment between yeast and human tubulin protein sequences to answer the questions below:Yeast AYQVARGMDFLASKKCIHRDLAARNVLVTEDFEMKICDFGLARDIHYIDFYRKTTDGRLP 60 Human AYQVARGMEYLASKKCIHRELAARNVLVTEDNVMKIADFGLARDIHHIDYYKKTTNGRLP 60 ********::*********:*********** ***.*********:**:*:***:****Please describe the amino acid changes comparing yeast tubulin to human tubulin in the format letter:number:letter What is the percent identity of these aligned proteins?
7. (3pts) Briefly describe what a protein domain is. let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I have attached all the question in a Microsoft word to have a better understanding. thank you so much! Requirements: Does not matter the length of the question but what it does is the quality of answering the question.   |   .doc file