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I’m working on a cyber security project and need a sample draft to help me study


I’m working on a cyber security project and need a sample draft to help me study.Today’s companies face many security challenges to their networks, and a company’s incident manager needs to be ready to respond to potential threats. Some of those threats can occur from the actions of well-intentioned employees who fail to follow security protocols, and others can arise from disgruntled workers who may be able to access accounts on personal devices long after leaving an organization.Wireless devices and bring your own device (BYOD) computing in the workplace often increase productivity and convenience, but such ease of access to resources can be a significant threat to organizational security, and BYOD computing adds another layer of concern for the incident manager.Remote management, such as tracking and data swipes, helps to locate devices containing company data and to eliminate any unauthorized viewing of that data. Authentication, access controls, and strong encryption are just some of the security measures that need to be part of a secure wireless network and mobile device management practices in the workplace. However, security will need to evolve in order to protect against employees who may have malicious intent. It will need to include behavior cues as well as effective countermeasures, as the need for greater employee availability drives more wireless computing and BYOD integration in the workplace.For this project, you will take a close look at the variety of threats facing an incident manager as you develop a cybersecurity incident report (CIR) for management with an executive summary.There are seven steps to complete the project. Each step will highlight the types of threats you will encounter. Most steps in this project should take no more than two hours to complete, and the project as a whole should take no more than two weeks. Begin with the workplace scenario and then continue to Step 1.DeliverablesCybersecurity Incident Report (CIR): Your report should be a minimum 12-page double-spaced Word document with citations in APA format. The page count does not include figures, diagrams, tables, or citations.
Executive summary: This is a one-page summary at the beginning of your CIR.
CompetenciesYour work will be evaluated using the competencies listed below.2.1: Identify and clearly explain the issue, question, or problem under critical consideration.
5.4: Identify potential threats to operating systems and the security features necessary to guard against them.
7.3: Knowledge of methods and tools used for risk management and mitigation of risk.
8.1: Demonstrate the abilities to detect, identify, and resolve host and network intrusion incidents.
8.2: Possess knowledge and skills to categorize, characterize, and prioritize an incident as well as to handle relevant digital evidence approporiately.
8.3: Responds to disruptions within the pertinent domain to mitigate immediate and potential threats. Uses mitigation, preparedness, and response and recovery approaches to maximize survival of life, preservation of property, and information security. Investigates and analyzes relevant response activities and evaluates the effectiveness of and improvements to existing practices.
8.4: Possess knowledge of proper and effective communication in case of an incident or crisis.
8.5: Obtain knowledge and skills to conduct a postmortem analysis of an incident and provide sound recommendations for business continuity.
Requirements: 2days