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I’m working on a sociology report and need support to help me study.The goal of


I’m working on a sociology report and need support to help me study.The goal of the research paper is to apply the general theory of the class to understanding the trajectory of a selected social movement. You are free to research any social movement that you wish (suggestions provided below). However, please keep in mind that the research paper is not a descriptive history of the social movement. Instead, the research paper must critically analyze the collective action involved in the movement. To this end, the paper should be structured with these component parts:an introductory summary of the movement;
an analysis of the movement’s leader(s);
an analysis of the movement’s mobilizing structures;
an analysis of the movement’s political opportunities;
an analysis of the movement’s ideology and framing strategy;
your prediction, based on these factors, of the future trajectory of the movement in the next 5-10 years.
FormatThe research paper should be 5-7 pages long, not including the cover sheet with the title, your name, and the course name.
The paper should be word-processed and double-spaced, with type size no longer than 12 point and standard 1-inch margins.
You must include in-text citation and a References page, also not included in page count.
You must use at least five sources (the majority should be current-not less than 5 years old).Two of your sources should be from books and or academic journals (printed or on-line). The rest of your sources may be from other secondary resources and movement documents, web pages, newspaper articles or personal interviews. You may use information from your textbook, but this does not count in the five sources.
You are encouraged to include participatory research in your work. You may also included interviews with individuals who are leaders or very active members of a social movement.
Requirements: 5-7 pages