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I don’t understand this Biology question and need help to study.Today you’ll beg

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I don’t understand this Biology question and need help to study.Today you’ll begin a project where you will be writing as if you or someone you know has a genetic disease. See below for more info.Step 1: Choose a genetic disease from the list. If someone has already chosen the one you wanted you will have to pick something else.Step 2: Complete your research today. If you have time begin writing your story or maybe making a rough draft.Step 3: Compile all of your research and write your story. You will submit it to Schoology tomorrow on Day 2. Your story must be at least 1000 words. I recommend writing it out first in MSWord and then copying and pasting it into the assignment for Schoology. Double check to make sure that it copied and pasted everything correctly!My life with a genetic disease…For this project you will write a story in first person about a genetic disease. You could write it from the perspective of the person with the disease or someone else in their life, like their sibling, parent, or friend. The writing must be a story, but also must feature the information in the rubric. You can also choose to write about yourself as if you had the disease or you can create a person to feature in your writing.Be sure that your writing is accessible and understandable by your fellow students. If you wouldn’t understand what something is, look it up and explain it! For instance, if you write down that a disease causes dermatosparaxis, make sure you explain that it is a condition that causes the skin to become too loose and hang from the body.This is considered a summative test grade! The teacher also reserves the right to give up to 20 BONUS POINTS for projects that are above and beyond the required. Late projects will not be accepted! Late projects must be turned in as redo. Please do not wait to do your project until the last minute! Schoology or computer problems will not be accepted as an excuse for lateness. PLAN AHEAD!Your story must be at least 1000 words. Your sources and needless, extraneous words to artificially inflate your word count will not be counted towards your word count. I recommend writing your project out in MSWord first before pressing the button below to begin. Write it out, proof read it, and then copy and paste it once you’re sure your project is perfect.RubricPoints Possible Must be written like a story and written in 1st period (“I have had this disease…”) Must be at least 1000 words and no more than 400010How common is it?10Symptoms15Specific genetic causes (chromosome error, deletion, trisomy, etc)10How is it inherited? (spontaneous, recessive, sex-linked, etc)10Treatments (medications, surgery, therapy, other support, etc)10How is it diagnosed? (pre-natal tests, karyotype, blood tests, etc)10Life expectancy15How does it change their everyday life? How does it affect their quality of life?10At least 2 reliable and specific sources (does not count towards word count)100 pointsTOTAL POSSIBLE POINTSThings that will make you lose points… ☹Writing is not written in first person- 30 pts offNot understandable, disease specific words are not explained -5 pts off per wordANY part of writing is plagiarized – 100 pts offWriting is less than 1000 words 750-999 words -25 pts off 500-749 words -50 pts off 0-499 words -75 pts off
Requirements: 1000 words