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I’m stuck on a Psychology question and need an explanation.Lesson 3Please respon


I’m stuck on a Psychology question and need an explanation.Lesson 3Please respond to the following activities below: Define epigenetics and discuss how we have control of our future. Please discuss the difference between genotype and phenotypes. Please provide an example of each. What are chromosomal abnormalities? Please provide two examples of chromosomal abnormalities and discuss their distinguishing features. What are genetic disorders? Please provide two examples of each discussing distinguishing features. What are the three prenatal stages of development? Please identify three events that occur during each stage. What are teratogens? What are three examples of teratogens and what impact do (or could) they have on prenatal development? From this information, what do you recommend to expectant mothers? Discussion B: Nature or Nurture? 2. Initial Post (300 words) Were you surprised at how alike and different these two women were in the video? Explain why in 2-3 sentences. Which do you think plays a bigger part in who you are today—nature (your genetics) or nurture (your environment and how you were raised)? Name at least one of your traits or characteristics that you think you inherited and one you think came from your environment.
Requirements: Activity 1to 5 no specific number of words but Discuussion B must be at least 300 words