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I’m studying for my Nursing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can y

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I’m studying for my Nursing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?InstructionsA 69-year-old male with a history of coronary artery bypass graft surgery and congestive heart failure is admitted to the telemetry unit with severe diarrhea. On admission his serum potassium level is low and he is dehydrated. He is currently taking diuretics. How should the nurse expect to treat the patient’s hypokalemia and dehydration? What signs and symptoms need to be monitored to assess for fluid overload in this patient?
A 63-year-old female patient is admitted for management of seizures. She has a history of a seizure disorder and has recently been diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s disease. The student nurse prepares the medication under the supervision of the instructor and takes the medication to the bedside. The student further completes the Nine Rights by computer-checking the bar code on the patient’s wrist band. The patient refuses the medication, saying, “I have already had my medication this morning. You are giving me too much anyway. I only take it on Mondays and Thursdays at home.” What is the student’s best response?
Please upload answers in a word documentPlease make sure you follow the proper way to label a word document when sending. It is in the rubric. Requirements: 3 paragraph each   |   .doc file