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I’m studying for my Powerpoint class and need an explanation.Video Analyses Nobl

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I’m studying for my Powerpoint class and need an explanation.Video Analyses Noble cause corruption follows the teleological model of ethics. The approach emphasizes “good ends” and is a product of police officer “overinvestment” in their work. Police officers believe that in foregoing established legal procedures, they will more effectively remove criminals from the street and protect the public from harm. Examples of noble cause corruption include falsifying reports, planting or fabricating evidence, and/or exceeding or abusing lawful authority. In doing so, police officers believe that a desirable end is achieved (Martinelli, 2006). Before starting this assignment, be sure you have read the Martinelli article titled “Unconstitutional Policing” that was assigned in Unit 9. You should also view the following video segments regarding police practices. Video 1: NYPD Frisk Program: Noble Cause Corruption Video 2: Washington Police Caught Speeding Video 3: Video Shows White Cop in Violent Confrontation with Black Motorist Compose a 3- to 5-page essay that examines the merit of the police action. In your essay, please examine and apply concepts from the course that are relevant to the actions demonstrated by the police officers depicted. Your essay should accomplish the following: Identify whether the behavior is ethical or unethical. If ethical, what greater purpose or law enforcement responsibility does it serve to accomplish and why?
If the action is unethical, why is it unethical, and why does it not serve a law enforcement responsibility or tasking?
What theory or theories could be applied to either the ethical or unethical action or approach adopted by the police officer(s)? The completed essay should be a minimum of 3 but no more than 5 pages in length. The essay should examine the action depicted and its merits, and effectively integrate ethical concepts and theory into your analysis. Outside research and APA style are necessary components of the essay. Requirements: 3-5 pages   |   .doc file