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I’m studying for my Writing class and need an explanation.Each response is requi

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I’m studying for my Writing class and need an explanation.Each response is required to meet or exceed 250 words.Response number 1JulianTechnical writing, as included in the text, emphasizes on relating technical information with keen views on the purpose and audience (Markel, 2017). The communicator (or technical writer) has an obligation to hone into situations or problems that they find importance in and communicate relative information about the problem. Some of this information may include current issues, studies closely related to the problem and possible solutions for said problem. The purpose of a technical document ranges from promoting a change of action (such as a project proposal) or simply aiding in accomplishing a task (such as a user guide). As we can see, technical documents vary as well as the components that make up the document. As Jayaprakash includes, “Technical writing focuses on the audience as it conveys specific information about a specific technical subject to a specific audience for a specific purpose” (Jayaprakash, 2008). Understanding your audience is a crucial part for a technical document to be successful, that is, for the intended information to be received by the audience. The audience of a technical document can vary or be specific, which makes it important for a technical writer to research the prospective (or primary) audience and its members. Information about the audience including their knowledge of the topic, precomposed attitudes about the topic and cultural or linguistic factors can all impact how the information is related. Having this knowledge allows for a technical writer to compose documents that are successfully understood by all members of the audience regardless of the initial factors. Therefore, it is not only important to identify the audience but to acknowledge important aspects that can lead to miscommunication.Not all audience members will have the same understanding, beliefs or feeling about the topic at hand. Furthermore, the importance of audience members can range, mostly described as primary, secondary and tertiary audience members (Markel, 2017). Using different techniques to learn about the target audience can help make sure all members are able to fully grasp the information and aides in the creation of the document. Obtaining this information to understand limiting factors can be as easy as conducting interviews and using an Audience Profile Sheet to track vital information about members of the audience. This technique can be quite beneficial for primary audience members as well as getting insight on an intended group of the audience such as a group of managers. A technical writer is able to go more in depth, using social media analytics including the age, gender and sometimes race of the target audience. This technique can help understand what would be more impactful for more of a general audience while still emphasizing on key factors that will help the purpose of the document to be received. Another technique can include researching any projects or even technical documents that the target audience has created or worked on themselves. This allows for the technical writer to know what the audience looks for in technical writing and structure their document around the information. Lastly, a great technique to use to better understand the audience is to read about them online. For an organization, going through their website can help get a grasp on their structure and can also lead to relative information and link to more information or other audience members. For a high-level official or member of the audience, Google or other search sites can prove to be useful. Researching interviews, social media accounts, and articles are just some tools that can create more awareness of the target audience. Purpose and audience go hand in hand. Having information on both key elements of a technical document can allow for the intended purpose to be obtained by the intended audience, making that a successful technical document.Response 2 Jonathan Hello Class,I just wanted to start off with the definition of technical writing. Technical writing is the practice of documenting process, such as manuals. This is very important to me and my family only because my wife likes to buy things and then I have to put it together. I believe that there is technical writing everywhere I look from a video game and how to play, to a map I have to read on a hike. I also believe when people give great Ideas and want to sell they can’t afford to have their people come set it up they give us a manual to do so. Technical writing was founded by Joseph D, Chaplin in 1949. Joseph wrote a users manual for the BINAC computer, he became the first technical writer of computer documentation. 1951 an ad for a technical writer was first published in the help wanted ad’s.I think the purpose of technical writing is to inform people of different things. The methodology of technical writing is to appeal to the audience. I believe it is very important to know the audience you will be addressing this will give you a good standing ground so you don’t loose people. I wanting to take elections for example, it might not be written down, but they are still trying to sell you ideas so they can win. I know at my work when I don’t know the audience I am talking to I could hit a nerv or loose them all together, I often start out with talking about a common interest first. Once I have them listening I will move onto the main and important topic. I believe when ever you are addressing an audience, you should have some sort of correct documentation so they can follow along. I know another way they can also follow along is a power point of excel spread sheet apart of the discussion.I believe industry’s have relied on technical writing for decades. This can be done in many different way’s, they need people to know how to assemble their products. They wanted to make it as easy as possible to assemble and look good because nothing sells faster than word of mouth. The industry’s also needed technical writing, so they could address the proper audience they are trying to sell to. I know a huge part of technical writing is the facts behind it. I know when I am looking at gear for hiking I will often read the reviews and the capability’s of the device I choose. I think the people that have the ability to understand and produce technical writing have a amazing skill that most people in society lack. This is do to having everything at our fingertips so we have became lazy. I believe that if we as people got better about understanding technical writing we would have a smarter generation of people. The average salary of a technical writer is 57,000. I can honestly say I have learned a lot about this subject, from this discussion.
Requirements: 250 words each