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I’m working on a Entrepreneurship exercise and need support.Write and publish a

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I’m working on a Entrepreneurship exercise and need support.Write and publish a LinkedIn article on a topic in which you are an expert or developing expertise. Having articles about relevant topics to industries in which you are seeking employment or seeking to launch a business can help you gain visibility and credibility. Use this opportunity to grow your professional social media following.The article should be 500 to 1,000 words, per recommendations of the LinkedIn platform for article length. This word count is thought to be long enough to add value, and short enough to not lose audience focus. Cite to all relevant sources; this is not an opinion piece. Whereas an opinion piece may help establish the writer as a thought leader, this assignment asks you to establish yourself as an emerging expert; therefore, research and citations are essential. Write your article for the audience you want to reach. For example: if you are writing for hiring managers in an accounting firm, your expertise should reflect new regulations in accounting to show that you are a knowledgeable potential hire; if potential customers in your soon-to-open gym are your audience, your expertise should reflect health and fitness knowledge and best practices.
Requirements: 500 to 1,000 words