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I’m working on a social science writing question and need a sample draft to help

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I’m working on a social science writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Please post a 2 to 3 page reflection paper here on the topic of “Crime”, with a social problems focus. You may not restate what you wrote about in the discussion forums. It must be 2-3 FULL pages (from the top of the first page to at least the very bottom of the second page). Formatting: 12 pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced evenly throughout. Please just put your heading, name, and date in the title. No research is required for this assignment. It is for your initial thoughts. All words written must be your own- no copying and pasting from other sources!Page 1- your thoughts on the topic (Feel free to be honest here. Your classmates won’t have access to these.)Page 2- application of theory. For this section, please apply each of the 3 main sociological theories to your chosen social problem. You are answering the question: How would a theorist from each perspective (structural functionalist, conflict, symbolic interactionist) view this social problem? Devote a paragraph (6-8 sentences) to each theory.*Important Reminder* We will be using the Turnitin Plagiarism Checker with CANVAS this semester. Turnitin runs automatically whenever you submit an assignment (reflection paper, worksheet, or presentation), and gives you a “copy score” to see how much of your assignment is copied from other sources. Please make sure that your copy score is less than 25%, or you will receive an automatic 0 for the plagiarized assignment. Make sure to use a file type that gives you a Turnitin score, or you will not receive credit for the assignment. If, after submitting an assignment, you don’t have a Turnitin score, you will have to convert and resubmit your file before the assignment closing date. Remember that you can call CANVAS tech help for any issues with Turnitin. More information is available by clicking HERE. (Links to an external site.)
Requirements: 2-3 pages