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Step 1- For this assignment you will find a research article related to psycholo

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Step 1- For this assignment you will find a research article related to psychology (using Galileo or a similar academic source) and write a short (1 – 2 page) report on what you have found. One purpose of this assignment is to practice finding and using reliable information sources in psychology, so that in the future you can continue to learn from recent psychology research. Requirements for the research you select to write about: It must be an article in a scholarly (peer reviewed) psychology journal. It must be related to the content of Adolescent Development It must have a recent publication date (not before 2010). It must be empirical, that is, it reports on original research done by the authors. Hint: Look to see whether it has a section that is clearly labeled “Methods” or “Procedures”. It must be something that you can understand. If you feel that the article you have picked is beyond your grasp, pick another one. You will not be able to write a good report on an article you don’t understand. Step 2- CONTENT: Refer to the General Paper Guidelines. Also, provide information in the following order, but write it as a complete paper, not just answering the questions. Summarize the BACKGROUND information that was available to the authors that prompted them to do the study – state why the study was done. Reference the source of your information through in-text citations, using the name and date system of APA style. This can be found in the article’s Introduction section. State the HYPOTHESIS or RESEARCH QUESTION of this study. A true hypothesis makes a specific prediction, and is used in experimental research. A research question might be used instead for a descriptive study. This can be found in the article’s Introduction section. Describe the METHODS used. Identify the subjects, and try to identify the type of research method (case study, naturalistic or laboratory observation, correlational study, experiment?). If it is experimental research, identify the independent and dependent variables, the experimental and control groups. Explain enough about the procedures so that your instructor knows what was done. Do not include statistical methods. This can be found in the article’s Method section. What were the most important RESULTS of the study? What information did they obtain? (Do not confuse this with the conclusions of the study.) This can be found in the article’s Results section. What was the CONCLUSION of the study? Did it support or refute the original hypothesis? What are the implications for further research? This can be found in the article’s Discussion section. Furnish complete reference information in APA format. There should be at least one in-text citation for each article listed in your reference section. Articles not listed in your report should not be included in your reference section. Don’t forget to cite the article you are reporting on in the text, and include its reference. Step 3- Submit your Paper as a Word document in the Dropbox below. I will not accept any other form of submission. Include a title page and Reference page (this page should only contain one source: the article you are summarizing). These pages are a standard part of APA style; please refer to your APA handbook and the APA Resource section for how to write these pages. Including your Title Page and Reference Page, your paper should be between 3 – 4 pages long.