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I don’t understand this Management question and need help to study.InstructionsP

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I don’t understand this Management question and need help to study.InstructionsProposing a ProjectFor this course, the main deliverable, which is a simple project plan, is due in Unit VIII. The outline for the final project plan is below.Project Overview (Units II, III, IV)a. Unit II i. Finalized Purpose, Scope, and Objectives ii. Project Deliverables iii. Project Organizationb. Unit III i. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) ii. Task Description Documentation iii. Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)c. Unit IV i. Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) ii. Project Charter iii. Quality Plan
Project Schedule (Unit V)a. Finalized Activity List with Duration Estimates and Predecessorsb. Completed Network Diagramc. Gantt Chart
Project Budget (Unit VI)a. Project Resourcesb. Other Costsc. Cost Estimatesd. Final Estimated Project Budget
Risk Assessment – Create a risk assessment matrix (Unit VII)a. Risk Identificationb. Mitigation Strategies
Project Closeout (Unit VIII)a. Close Cost Accountsb. Lessons Learned
Please review the following three projects for ABC Company. ABC Company can be a part of any industry that you have knowledge of or that interests you. You will begin the project plan in this unit by choosing one of the three projects listed below to adopt as your own.Workshop: You are a project manager and have been tasked with creating a new offsite leadership workshop that will run quarterly for at least 8 hours per workshop. The workshop will be able to seat 20 employees from ABC Company and may have differing topics and instructors from quarter to quarter. You will need to involve at least six different departments in this project.
New Product: You are a new product development employee at ABC Company. You have an idea for a new product or service that your company should create and sell. After discussing it with leadership, your idea has been accepted. You have been assigned as the project manager for this project. You will need to involve at least six different departments in this project.
Philanthropic Coalition: You work in the human resources (HR) department and have been tasked with the creation of a philanthropic coalition at ABC Company. In other words, ABC wants to give back to the community by using some budgeted company funds and in partnership with employee contributions and other local organizations’ contributions. You are the project manager who is tasked with planning and implementing this endeavor, but you will not be the leader of the coalition once it is up and functioning satisfactorily. You will need to involve at least six different departments in this project.
Then, you will prepare a preliminary project proposal of at least two pages that includes the elements below.Identify the industry that ABC Company is a part of and the project that you have chosen from the list above.
Discuss your understanding of the purpose of the project and the objectives.
Explain any assumptions and benefits.
Provide a discussion of the constraints for this project.
Provide a preliminary list of at least 20 activities associated with this project.
Explain your approach to building a project team for this project.
If outside sources are used, please adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.After submitting your project proposal in Unit I, the professor will approve as is or provide feedback on needed changes. This feedback will be incorporated into the project plan that you will start in Unit II, will work on throughout the course, and will finish in Unit VIII.
Requirements: To meet the requirements within the instructions