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I need support with this Management question so I can learn better.ALL WORK MUST

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I need support with this Management question so I can learn better.ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL AND NO PLAIGIARISM. ALL WORK MUST BE ANSWERED THOROUGHLY AND COMPLETELY EXPLAINED. Question 1 Ground rules are the norms that you agree to follow in this class for the duration of the course. An example of a ground rule is: “Everyone must post their discussion threads by the assignment due date.” Referring to Virginia Shea’s work on Netiquette may be helpful to you in establishing ground rules specific to online activities. Please use this group discussion forum to come to a consensus on what the ground rules for you and your colleagues are for this class and post them. Question 2 Please share an example of a time in your life where you needed to change your paradigm in order to have a positive impact on a problem that you faced. What was the turning point? In other words, what made you realize that the way you viewed the problem (your paradigm) was at least part of the problem? When you changed your view, were you primarily operating from the Character Ethic or the Personality Ethic? Explain. Question 3 Refer to Covey’s explanation of proactive and reactive responses and how we might broaden our circle of influence. Select a problem from your work or personal life that is frustrating to you and that you feel comfortable in sharing. Determine whether it is a direct, indirect or no control problem. Identify the first step you can take in your Circle of Influence to resolve it. Are you willing to take that step? Why or why not? Question 4 To answer questions, use the following template from the Workbook: Paradigms and Habit 1
For charts and assessment tools, digitally scan your work or take digital photos of your work. Please submit charts and assessments in a .jpg format. Upload your .jpg file to the dropbox. Please— following the upload, open the file and be certain that the file content is of sufficient size to be decipherable. Workbook assignments are the primary foundation for the PPLDP, which is why they comprise 10% of the total assignment weight of the PPLDP. As long as each workbook assignment is fully and reasonably completed, you will receive full credit for workbook assignments. Where it makes sense from a comprehension standpoint, a bulleted format is acceptable. Consider the workbook assignments as prep work for completing your PPLDP. Question 5 For a clearer understanding of what this very personal assignment entails, please specifically reflect upon The 7 Habits, which is the introduction to Habit 2 and Exercises 1 and 2. After doing so, in a double-spaced Word document, write your 450 to 550 word eulogy expressing what you hope others might say about you at your funeral.
Requirements: 200 words each question except for question 5 which is 450 words