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I’m studying for my Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can y

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I’m studying for my Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?Please note this assignment for 4th grade please use simple words Fairy Tale to Play 1. Look through your fairy tale and list all of the characters. This will be your cast. 2. Think about the scene for the first part of the fairy tale. What does it look like? Describe the scene on a piece of paper or a word processing document. 3. Think about the other scenes in the fairy tale and how they should look. Describe these scenes too.Simplifying Scenes Remember that a play is performed on a stage. This means that you may not be able to show everything about the scenery. For example, in a play for the story “Rapunzel,” you could show a window high above the ground to represent the tower. You could also set up the stage to show the inside of the tower. Stages usually have trap doors in the floor, so you could have someone climb up onto the stage from the floor. This might be one way to show the prince entering the tower. Another way to do this story on stage is to have the prince call to Rapunzel from off stage and then climb through a window and into the tower room. Now take your first scene, and simplify it. Imagine how you would see it on stage. What do you need to leave out? What parts of the scene do you have to show to help your audience understand what’s going on? Write your simplified scene as it would appear at the beginning of a play script. Adding Characters You are now ready to add your characters and their lines. Who speaks first in the fairy tale? Write that character’s name beneath your simplified scene. Then write what the character would say. Adding Action Does a character need to do something as he or she says the lines? Look closely at the fairy tale and determine exactly what the characters are doing. For the first character to speak, include directions in parenthesis for how he or she should act while saying the lines.Changing Scenes Remember that changes in scenery require divisions in your play. Whenever you go from Scene One to Scene Two, don’t forget to describe the scene. Writing Your Play Write your play using the instructions above. To see how your play should look on paper, refer to “The Gifts.”
Requirements:   |   .doc file | OTHER | Discussion | 1 pages, Double spaced