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I’m working on a criminal justice report and need support to help me learn.Instr

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I’m working on a criminal justice report and need support to help me learn.InstructionsFor this final assignment, you will write a reflection paper in which you explore ethical issues related to courts and evidence that can occur in the field of forensics.A forensics professional has an obligation to the truth, not to law enforcement, the prosecution, or anyone else. He or she must remain impartial and objective and all his or her actions must be impeccable at all times, while always following procedure and protocol in the performance of his or her duties.Considering the above statements and the material presented in this unit, write a reflection paper that addresses the following questions.To fulfill the stated obligation, to what specific ethical guidelines do you believe a forensic professional should adhere?
Do you believe this expectation of ethical behavior extends to the personal life of a forensic professional? How can unethical lapses off-duty affect on-duty performance or decisions? How can such lapses affect the judicial outcome of a case? Offer examples to support your opinions.
Reflect on why it is crucial for forensics personnel to record, preserve, and report whatever they find or conclude, regardless of their own personal beliefs or biases? What are some legal ramifications of not doing so?
Your reflection paper must be a minimum of two pages. External sources and APA formatting are not required for this assignment, however any sources you choose to use should be properly cited and referenced in APA format.
Requirements: 2 page min   |   .doc file