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I’m working on a Literature exercise and need support.looking for help to answer

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I’m working on a Literature exercise and need support.looking for help to answer those Q it’s about poetry1.Which method of using words in poems is shown below?The gentle wave gentled our thoughtsA.repetition of wordsB.rhymeC.alliterationD.simile2.Which of the following is personification?A.A family reunion is like a giant partyB.Swirls of smoke rose up through the trees.C.The cat slumbered in front of the stove.D.The pine trees shuddered in the snow3.Which of these is a simile?A. Lucy is a duck in the water.B.The old truck coughed and sputtered.C. A bright rainbow stretched across the sky.D. We flew like the wind.4.When interpreting the nuances of words in poetry, what should you look for?A. words that make comparisonsB.the literal meanings of wordsC.words such as like or asD. the choices the poet made between similar words5.”The trees are soldiers marching along the drive” is–A.personificationB.a simileC.a metaphor6.In addition to appearing before nouns and pronouns, where else do adjective often appear in sentences? Select all that apply.A.after the verb isB.after the verb ranC.after the verb amD.after the verb was7.What is the adjective in the sentence below? After Shelly ordered her hamburger, she decided to eat outside under the shady trees.A. outsideB.orderedC.shadyD.hamburger8.Which method of using words is shown below?Delightful days of danger ahead spoke to our hearts.A.metaphorB.rhymeC.alliteration9.Which of the following is an example of figurative language? to glide through the an to die and go to heaven
Requirements: multiple choice