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Aesthetic medicine year 1 module written assignment 2000 words using evidence ba

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Aesthetic medicine year 1 module written assignment 2000 words using evidence based medicine and best bets methodology. Title: ‘Skin ageing is caused by both intrinsic and extrinsic factors’ in two parts:
a) Using the Best Bets methodology and table, critically evaluate the literature on ONE EXTRINSIC factor that may affect skin ageing. (1700 words)
b-Devise a short post-procedure leaflet for a chosen procedure with patient advice on reducing the impact of extrinsic factors on their outcome. (300 words)
I have written one which I will be attaching but
The assignment lacks in structure (No first page, no word count, no page numbers, no introduction whatsoever). I would strongly recommend the candidate to read the QMUL handbook & guidelines for assignments, which also has some very good essay writing tips.
I would encourage the candidate to read up on BestBET methodology.
There was little discussion, and the comments were rather superficial and broad statements, with the clinical bottom line contradicting the “relevant outcomes” in the 3 part question.
However, the most worrying part of the submission was the huge amounts of “copy and paste”, with entire sections in the tables, outcomes and key results being a “copy and paste” exercise.