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Annotated Bibliography This semester in Global Health you will choose one countr

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Annotated Bibliography This semester in Global Health you will choose one country on which to focus most of your writing assignments. The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to help you identify appropriate information sources about the country you’ll be exploring for your upcoming assignments. The annotated bibliography assignment is an individual assignment, and should include 10 sources. These 10 sources should include peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as reports from governmental agencies (e.g. CDC, your country’s ministry of health), UN agencies (e.g. WHO, UNICEF), and nongovernmental/nonprofit organizations (e.g. Gates Foundation, Marie Stopes International). These 10 sources must include 3 peer-reviewed journal articles and 2 government documents (e.g. guidelines, reports, statistical summaries, etc.). These sources should NOT include encyclopedia entries (e.g. Encyclopedia Britannica, Wikipedia), or online forums (e.g. Reddit, Expat Focus). For each source in your annotated bibliography, please include: 1) A reference, formatted for an APA-style bibliography 2) A brief paragraph (3-5 sentences) describing the source and how you anticipate it being helpful for your health disparities and healthcare system assignments. Notes: *You do not have to use all the sources you identify in your papers—the purpose of this assignment is to help you get a picture of what information is out there (or not out there!). If you struggle to find 10 credible sources related to your country, you may want to consider changing countries before your first paper is due. *The resources provided in the “Writing and Formatting References” folder will help you create APA-style references