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blog 1 What do you think is most important to consider when crafting effective m

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blog 1 What do you think is most important to consider when crafting effective messages: audience analysis, researching the subject, or communication organization? Why? Is social media use imperative to deliver messages to a certain audience? (250 words) blog 2 Create a new blog entry ( 300 words) focusing on logical flaws in persuasion. For each of the following claims, write one paragraph (total of eight paragraphs) identifying the logical flaw: 1. The election couldn’t have been fair; I don’t know anyone who voted for the winner. 2. It would be wrong to prosecute Allied for age discrimination; Allied has always been a great corporate neighbor. 3. The decrease in smoking can be attributed to increased restriction on smoking in public. 4. Bill Jensen’s proposal to create an on-site day care center is just the latest of his harebrained schemes. 5. Since the introduction of cola drinks at the start of the 20th century, cancer has become the second-greatest killer in the United States. Cola drinks should be outlawed. 6. If mutual fund guru Peter Lynch recommends this investment, I think we ought to buy it. 7. We should not go into the flash memory market; we have always been a leading manufacturer of DRAM (dynamic random access memory) products. 8. The other two hospitals in the city have implemented computerized patient record keeping; I think we need to do so, too. [MO4.1] blog 3 Find an instruction manual for an object or tool in your home or search for one online and download it. Create a new blog entry (300 words) and evaluate the effectiveness of the manual. Use vocabulary from the textbook focusing on definitions, descriptions, and instructions to incorporate in your blog entry.