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Each student will write a research paper on a topic of their choice; however, th

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Each student will write a research paper on a topic of their choice; however, the research paper should focus on some aspect of cultural factors and substance use and treatment in the criminal justice system. Examples of topics for the research paper include:
• A comparison of treatment approaches for opioid use disorder in prisons among various populations
• Specific factors related to substance abuse treatment for incarcerated women
• A review of drug courts and outcomes among juveniles by race/ethnicity
• Approaches to tailoring substance abuse treatment for gay and bisexual men
• Cultural factors that may influence treatment uptake among Latinos
The title page should include the student’s name, research paper title, course title, and date. The main body of the research paper should be approximately 7 pages, not including the title page or the references cited. It is recommended that students use 12-point Times New Roman font. Papers should be double-spaced and include one-inch margins all around. Be sure to follow APA style guidelines when writing.
The references cited should be in APA format. A minimum of five references is required from peer-reviewed academic journals. Examples of peer-reviewed academic journals include the articles required to be read for this course. Journal articles should be relatively recent (past 5 years), although some older articles may be used for contextual or background information. Besides the five peer-reviewed journal articles, additional citations may be included, such as a scholarly book. Citations from websites, podcasts, television news, blogs, etc. are generally not appropriate for an academic research paper.