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I don’t know how to handle this Cyber Security question and need guidance.Awaren

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I don’t know how to handle this Cyber Security question and need guidance.Awareness, education and training are crucial for establishing a
“security minded” culture to protect National Infrastructure. The
purpose of this activity is to think outside of the box and to start
with cyber security and protection at the user level.
You will need to produce an advertisement or flyer that can be
distributed to co-workers. This cyber security awareness product is
intended to get users to pay attention to what they may or may not be
volunteering in regards to operations. Topics & IdeasYou have freedom to chose any cyber security concept you’d like to
create your awareness flyer. The flyer should be designed to inform the
end user, and maybe what actions to take if a cyber attack or event
occurs. Below are a few topics/ideas that can help you get started.
(You can also lookup ideas on google for “Cyber Security Awareness
Month” to get visual ideas as well) Our youth can also have an impact with a security minded culture in
our society – if you chose to create something for teens to help educate
them – I will take that as well.Clean Desk Policy
Password Complexity
Cell Phone Usage
Social Networking & Public Posts
Photography GEO-Tagging (why it should be disabled)
Internet Safety Habits
Email Scams
Spear Phishing
Deliverables & RequirementsA masterpiece advertisement is not what you should be aiming for.
Your end state is to spread cyber security awareness concepts for
users. You have free reign for creativity and thinking outside of the
box.Format can be in PowerPoint or other MS office products, PDF, PNG, PSD
Your awareness flyer or advertisement must have 3 main points or concepts to identifyFor example: If you were doing your assignment on Passwords, three points may be:
Change your password every 30 days and do not use walking passwords
Don’t write your password down on a sticky note and put it under your keyboard
Don’t use the same password for access to multiple websites
Your cyber security awareness flyer needs to be clean and professional
Requirements: 1 Page Awareness Flyer