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I need support with this History question so I can learn better.Research Assignm

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I need support with this History question so I can learn better.Research Assignment 2: Journaling Latin AmericaFor this research assignment, you will be writing from a journalistic point of view addressing the colonial rebellions and the aftermath, as discussed in Chapter 8 from your textbook. Nationalism and the chain of events leading up to it: You are a newspaper reporter documenting the various types social, economic, and cultural changes of that have been taking place in the region where you are living (see prior chapters 4-7). Describe the scene or sequence of events that have been happening. The elephant in the room:Why nationalism? Is it a phenomenon that is happening from the top down, or bottom up? Here are some questions to keep in mind as you craft your report:Where are you writing from (region/country/province)?Describe in detail (from your journalistic angle) what is happening culturally, religiously, militaristically, technologically, and economically. In your journalistic reporting please include/integrate at least 2 key terms from the chapter on Nationalism and 2 from the chapter on Neocolonialism (Ch 7). This report should be at least 500 words.In addition to your journalistic reporting, please include a picture(s) of what you are describing. You could copy and paste 1-3 images from doing a basic google search in your report. That is where the research will come into play. Be sure that the images correspond to what you are writing about. You will treat this like if it were an actual newspaper (title of paper/date/journalistic name/etc). I would even consider doing some research of newspaper publications in some of these countries that the chapters are covering. Give a reader a sense of what the atmosphere of the time is like.
Requirements: 500 words