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I’m trying to learn for my Social Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?resp

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I’m trying to learn for my Social Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?respond to christopher with 180 words 1) How did race shape the experience of Asians in the U.S.?-In my opinion, I believe that race did not make a big difference in the US towards Asian communities until World War 2 started. Until that point, Japanese individuals had not received the level of segregation that was more seen within the African American individuals. Of course, with that being said, the whole image of what a Japanese American citizen changed after the Pearl Harbor attacks. All of a sudden, Asian citizens became the enemy because of how they looked and were sadly placed into concentration camps. Families were broken apart and people suspected of being traitors to America were placed in prison like conditions.2) How would you describe Buddy Uno and his actions – as a victim of American racism, an American traitor, or something else? Explain.-Like the video said, not even the family members of Buddy knew what he was thinking all of the time. I personally feel like he was acting solely based on survival like the video also said. To be an American citizen and get treated the way he did by American employers was a slap to the face to say the least. He went to Japan to pursue a dream and unfortunately placed himself in the perspective of others to be made out as a traitor. I do not know what the Japanese military had said to him if he didn’t align with their views; so it is hard to say if he was a traitor under his own will. I believe he was someone that choose his life and did everything he could to survive.
Requirements: 180 words