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I’m working on a economics case study and need a sample draft to help me underst

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I’m working on a economics case study and need a sample draft to help me understand better.I need some charts and tables to support my topic, Immigration
has led to shortages of houses and high pricing of the available houses in the
State of Canada. Immigration has affected the supply and demand of housing in
the host nation. Due to the immigrants’ migration, the demand for housing
increased. Because of high demand by both the migrants
and the Canadian locals for available limited houses, it leads to heightened
pricing. It is so because when a product is scarce, the owner usually increases
the prices of the limited products since there will be competition by buyers to
get the product. Sellers tend to increase the prices to acquire more profits
from the business. The shortage of houses is influenced by more buyers entering
the market to purchase the product even though the supply is very low. In this
case, it is both the Canadian locals and migrants. Therefore, it leads to
shortages of available houses due to greater demand by immigrants’ involvement.
Requirements: 300