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Please watch the following video and use the following links to answer the quest

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Please watch the following video and use the following links to answer the questions below.
The Luis Blackman story Video:

30 Minute – Lewis Blackman

Six Domains of Health Care Quality:
Institute Of Medicine’s 10 Rules for Redesign:

Institute Of Medicine’s 10 Rules for Redesign

Journal 3 CC5.c
Please answer the questions in the following case study
When providing high-quality health care.
1.Define high-quality healthcare and describe what it means to you.
2.Compare Lewis Blackman story” to the IOM’s six dimensions of quality in health care
3.Where did Lewis Blackman’s care fall short? Be as specific as you can and include one example for each dimension.
4.Based on the IOM’s ten rules for redesign (, how could Lewis’s care experience have been improved? Be as specific as you can and give at least two examples.
Reflective Journal rubric: Please follow the format and grading rubric for each reflection journal. Each journal is unique, and the purpose is to critically think about issues that are pivotal in the role of the community health nurse. Reflections must demonstrate a high degree of critical thinking in applying, analyzing, and evaluating key course concepts and theories from readings, lectures, media, discussions activities, and/or assignments. Insightful and relevant connections are made through contextual explanations, inferences, and examples. Thoughtfulness is demonstrated by conveying strong evidence of reflection on own work with a personal response to the self-assessment questions posed. Demonstrates significant personal growth and awareness of deeper meaning through inferences made examples, well developed insights, and substantial depth in perceptions and challenges. Synthesizes current experience into future implications. 1 point Rudimentary and superficial. No analysis or insight is displayed. 2 point Substantial information (describes) but lacks either the insight or analysis. 3 points Rich in content. Full of thought, insight, and analysis.