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Using the group project as a basis, you are required to write a 3 year strategic

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Using the group project as a basis, you are required to write a 3 year strategic marketing plan for Greggs (Greggs is a UK bakery chain the report/marketing plan is for this company only, try to use the most recent data) Assignment Guidelines What are we looking for? And a breakdown of marks is as follows: Where are we now? (15%) A detailed macro and micro audit, which clearly classifies and evaluates the critical external and internal factors likely to impact upon the simulation company’s performance. The external environmental analysis should be fully referenced using credible sources. Where do we want to be? (15%) Using appropriate theoretical frameworks you should consider the simulation company’s Mission and marketing objectives, Which way is best? (15%) Making frequent reference to your findings of your external and internal audit you should consider the simulation company’s competitive advantage and formulate the strategy for its approach to customers and markets using appropriate theoretical frameworks. How do we get there? (15%) You should provide explicit details of the functional level strategies and resources required for implementation. How do we know we’ve arrived? (15%) Detail processes and/or mechanisms for control, evaluation and corrective action. Reading and research (10%) It is anticipated that your group presentation may be used as the foundation for your assignment although a broad range of research sources will be consulted in addition to this. Where appropriate, reference may be given to other retailing brands. Presentation and referencing (15%) The report should be clearly structured in accordance to the five main content areas indicated above, flowing logically, but naturally. The beginning and end should be clearly delineated with a broad introduction up front, and a brief summary of key points at the end with a word count of 3000 words (+/- 10%) excluding direct quotation, tables, charts and any relevant appendices. The word count should be indicated on the front of the document. Sources should be referenced throughout and a full reference list using the Harvard Referencing Format should be provided.