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II.CONTEXT AND BACKGROUND FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT/TOPIC:This course’s theme, mathematics, has been implemented in various ways. You have studied literature with mathematic themes (and will continue to do so) and learned how mathematics as a discipline can inform your understanding of writing, reading, and research.Your research assignment will extend the boundaries of this theme while granting you the freedom to explore a topic you find most engaging.Your first task is to isolate a specific idea, concept, or motif that you find particularly interesting, which is not required to be about mathematics.This will be your topic.From this topic, you will develop a research question inspired by the themes and ideas explored in this class. This question will drive your research, ultimately allowing you to answer your question by synthesizing your research with a text or multiple texts we have studied.The answer to your question will be your thesis.Don’t rush to a thesis. You may change your topic a few times. For example, you may find a topic you genuinely enjoy but find there are not enough resources on that topic.Even once you settle on a question, you may modify that question as you engage in more research. And, of course, you may ultimately modify your thesis later in this process, if you feel your research is leading you into areas you did not originally anticipate. Everything is malleable–until you submit the final draft.
III.SAMPLE RESEARCH TOPICS AND/OR KEYWORDS FOR STUDENTS TO USE.For example, perhaps you are interested in the use of numerology and numbers in poetry. Or you may find that the intersection of numbers and letters particularly curious, particularly this idea that G-d has a name that is alphabetical and numeric (an idea that also plays out in the movie, ?, you will watch for this unit). You may look for sources that are directly tied to specific texts (i.e. the name of G-d in Borges’“The God Script”) or texts that explore the topic independently (i.e. the name of G-d). Remember to be strategic with your keywords when conducting searches, ideally through the library. That is, don’t adhere to just one term when conducting searches. For example, if you are looking up numbers in poetry, consider multiple terms like “number,”“numerical,”“counting,”or even “meter.”You can even use rooting, which is taking the root word and adding an asterisk (e.g. num*).
IV.REQUIREMENTS? The research paper will be due on the last day of this class, Thursday, February 4th at 9 p.m.
?Most essays will be 8-10 pages, not counting the Works Cited page and Bibliography pages, Appendices, or supplementary material.
?You should have at least 5 sources, which may include any combination of the following:
oPrint or electronic book or book/chapter (I recommend “from GCC Library”. All GCC eBooks are full text.)
oScholarly or academic articles (Peer-reviewed required articles are best.)
oPopular articles such as magazines and/or newspapers (recommend from “GCC Library”)
oHigh quality, credible, relevant open web sources(not library databases)oPrimary sources oMedia sources oDepending on the topic, social media may be appropriate (but this is rare)
? Do not use anonymous sources, book reviews, children or juvenile sources.
?Due to the nature of topics, there is no upper limit in terms of when the sources were published.
?You may use MLA or APA style for this paper, but MLA is what we have spent the most time on this term.
?While most of you will write traditional research papers, you may compose a multi-media research paper on a blog (e.g. WordPress, Blogger) or Google site. Please consult me if you plan to use an electronic platform for your research paper.The amount of text required will be the same, but you can incorporate more multi-media sources, such as video, audio files, and GIFs.
My topic is: Does 1-all of Borges stories use the fibonacci sequence?
The thesis must answer this question. You can pick any one or two stories from Borges stories attached. 5 sources!