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Literacy in America, it seems, is changing daily. The days of basic reading and

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Literacy in America, it seems, is changing daily. The days of basic reading and writing are not what it used to be. Students in America, nowadays, are inundated with new technology that, according to research, has American students reading and writing more than ever, but is it enough to address the reading and writing skills necessary to complete a college education. We have read, discussed, and researched the topic of literacy and how it has affected America and its college students. Even college campuses, have gotten on the band wagon using technology to help teach and present pertinent information to the subject at hand. Your essay will be based on your readings and research on “Literacy in America Today” and how college students are being affected by using technology, both in your personal use, and in your college classroom. You will realize in your reading and research, that student’s introduction to literacy, even at an early age, is being presented in our public schools using a different perspective than was obviously used before America’s advancements in technology. Hopefully, you will come to realize that literacy in America involves many different perspectives which include the involvement of parents, teachers, college professors, and of course the government. Our kids are just not getting the education they deserve and require to move on. You will support your essay with at three (3) reasons why you believe literacy has changed in America and whose fault is it, the parents, teachers, government, and or public schools. You will need to introduce at least 2 different sources. You will write your essay in the MLA format, and your essay must be at least 3 pages long. It must also include a Works Cited page which will become synonymous with all your future essays.