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PLEASE READ BELOW INFORMATION CAREFULLY!! Representation of Innovations in Media

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Representation of Innovations in Media Response Paper
Please submit a .docx or .pdf file electronically using Turnitin on Quercus.
This is an individual assignment and you must work alone
Our perceptions of innovations and futures are often mediated by the content we digest, from academic research to cultural artifacts, such as art, music, books, games, film, and television.
For this assignment, you will write an essay responding to a game, film, or television media piece that includes an innovation of the future. Keep in mind an innovation could be an object, but it could also include innovations beyond tangible things: i.e. an organizational structure, a way of transferring knowledge, and many other possibilities.
The film/television piece must have a minimum total runtime (TRT) of 20 minutes. You may watch an entire film, if you choose.
You are restricted from using a Black Mirror episode.
Your essay should include:
A summary of the media. What is the title, and when was it produced? What is the plot?
Identification of a specific innovation in this media. What is it, what does it do, and what are the affordances and limitations of this innovation?
An analysis of the key arguments, themes, and messages of the media piece as it pertains to the innovation.
A critical response reflecting on the innovation’s feasibility, intentions, and consequences for society:
Is this innovation feasible in our present reality or future? Why or why not?
Is this innovation designed for profit, or does it serve greater goals? What area of the United Nations sustainable goals would this innovation fall under, if any?
Your response to the innovation, the media, and its general themes. What do you think of this innovation? What are the consequences of it? Who or what does this innovation benefit/harm? Establish a position towards this innovation- do not remain neutral.
Document requirements:
Title, Name, Date, TA Section, Course Number in the upper right-hand corner.
12 pt. font, Times New Roman. Double spaced. Standard Margins.
Include a Works Cited page. Use APA citation format. Be sure to cite the media piece you have selected. Minimum 4 sources.
*** words. (This does not include works cited)
*** For a 2-page order, the minimum word count should be 600