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STEP 1: Please choose one of the following empirical questions:? A. What effect

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STEP 1: Please choose one of the following empirical questions:?
A. What effect does an increase in the media coverage of terrorist events have on citizens’ perceptions of terrorist threats?
B. What effect do political institutions have on the decision to intervene in an ongoing civil war?
C. What are the political/institutional determinants of inward flows of foreign direct investment into developing countries?
Imagine that you are in the early stage of a research project tackling this research question. You are reviewing the literature in preparation to write up your theory.
STEP 2: Please use Google scholar to find at least 5 important and relevant sources related to your research question.
A. The best sources are peer-reviewed academic articles?
B. White papers from think-tanks, governments, or NGOs can also be useful.?
C. At least 2 of your sources should be very recent (i.e. published in the last 2 years)
STEP 3: For each source, please provide the following:?
A. Citation information (any standard bibliographic format is OK, but be consistent).?
B. Abstract (just cut and paste this)?
C. 2-4 sentences describing why you found it to be both important (e.g. is it in a good journal, is it heavily cited, is it new?) and relevant (in what way does it address the research question?)
NOTE: Good journals are often associated with large professional associations (e.g. the American Political Science Review is an official publication of the American Political Science Association) and journals are ranked by their “impact factor.” Part of your job here is to figure out if a given journal is “good” or not.
*number of source = 5 –> are from the STEP 2 instruction, thank you so much*