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Can you help me understand this Nursing question?Select a nurse theorist and wri

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Can you help me understand this Nursing question?Select a nurse theorist and write a paper describing the background of the theorist, the
theory, and its application to nursing practice. The paper should address the following:
1. Describe the background of the nurse theorist and the various social and professional
issues that influenced the development of the theory.
2. Identify the major concepts and relational statement of the nursing theory. Concepts
common to most nursing theories include: Person, health, nursing, and environment.
3. Describe the assumptions made by the nurse theorist. To what extent are these
assumptions compatible with your personal philosophy of nursing?
4. Apply the theory to a clinical situation and describe how its use will improve nursing
care or influence the way care is given.
The paper must be typed in APA format with a minimum of 1200 words (excluding first
and references page) with a minimum of 4 evidence-based references using the
required Arial 12 font. Follow the APA example paper under the folder APA tools. Make
sure references are used according to APA guidelines and electronic references must
be from reliable sources such as CDC. Requirements: 1200 words not including Title and reference pages